Child Support in Florida is governed by Florida Statute §61.30. Child Support is calculated using the Florida State Statutory Guidelines. While the term guideline is used, except under exceptional circumstances, the amount calculated pursuant to the Florida Guidelines is the amount most often paid. I am often asked can my partner and I agree upon the amount of child support to be paid. Generally speaking the answer is no, however, there are circumstances where that is appropriate, but they are few and far between. Child Support is a right of the child(ren), and as such, the parties do not generally have the right to bargain regarding the amount paid in child support.

Child Support is calculated using the parties’ net incomes, which are plugged into the child support formula. The formula used to calculate child support takes into consideration, the minor child(ren)’s daycare costs, healthcare costs and overnights spent with each parent to arrive at a child support figure.


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